Addie {ducklings}

I love seeing how quickly babies grow! It's are to believe that this tiny little newborn is now almost 9 months old! Addie is now pulling herself up and standing. So amazing! Crazy summer schedules, uncooperative weather, and my "mommy brain" in forgetting a memory card (ugh!) caused Addie's 6 months photos to come a little late. I'm glad we finally got a chance to do them. She is such a spunky little girl who was so precious in her little pink outfits. Contrast that to her big brother Shep who was playing with sticks and looking a frogs and I'd say that their parents are going to have their hands full! While this photo session was technically for baby Addie, when she had her wardrobe change, I couldn't help but take a few photos of Shep as well. Such cute kids with the best long dark eyelashes! They even made me jealous!

Johnson Family

When families live all across the country, it is such a joy to get them all together in front of my camera for some memories. That is the case with the Johnson family and then some! This family lives in Minnesota, Texas, and Vancouver! To say that it's rare for them to all be in one place is an understatement. It was so fun to get a few quick family photos this morning. Too bad one of their sons wasn't able to come to Mn. Thank goodness for a facebook photo printout so he was there in spirit. I'm sure he's going to love that! haha. Johnson, I love you guys! Glad it worked out for a quick mini session! Enjoy your family time!

Greta is 1yr old {ducklings}

A couple weeks ago this little cutie turned one year old! It's so fun to take photos of little girls and imagine what life will be like in just nine months when my own little girl turns one. Lets just say that it looks fun... and exhausting!

Greta was a doll. She smiled from the beginning to the end. She LOVED those pink balloons, but didn't want to sit still for one second. She also didn't want to read books or hold her "G". She was loving the outdoors way too much and just wanted to be on the move. I'm surprised she isn't walking yet! I'm sure she will any day now!