It has only been three years since I was last pregnant, but I feel like there are so many new baby product out there! One of my new must haves is the Dockatot. We recieved a Dockatot Deluxe and Grand to try out and we are big fans! A Dockatot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger.

Edith has been in a big girl bed for a while. And while the transition wasn't difficult, she was falling out of bed at night. Ever since trying the Dockatot Grand, she sleep all cozy and adorable all night long! She just loves her "leaf bed". And she is super excited for the new baby to match her with her "tiny leaf bed". I predict so many side by side naps. I love that it is tested for breathability so I won't need to worry. And the new baby will be sleeping just an arms reach away. Yay!

Sneak Peek!

This babe is our fourth. And it's just as exciting at the first time! With our first, we wanted to be surprised. We waited 9 months to find out what she was! We were convinced she was going to be a boy. I craved steak all day long. And she was BIG (9 lbs). So we just assumed boy. But when they pulled her out, Brian said, "It's.... Vivienne??" haha. 

With out second we were not going to find out the gender again. But at her 20 week ultrasound there were some complications resulting in a second ultrasound. We decided we wanted to find out the gender so we could pray for the baby by name. It was a girl! At Vivienne's first birthday party, we were able to give her a box filled with pink balloons announce the gender of her little sister to all our family and friends. 

With out third, hubs said he just had to know! He loves having girls but he wanted to be prepared if he was going to have a third daughter. So we had the ultrasound tech put either a pink glow stick or a blue glow stick in a bag for us to crack open in front of family. We didn't know! And when we cracked it, we were excited and surprised to see another PINK girl!

So here comes baby 4. We have been desperate to find out the gender since those two lines appeared on the test. Hubs and I both wanted a fourth daughter. The girls wanted a brother. And we knew it would be torture to wait until the 20 week ultrasound. So glad we found Sneak Peek Test! We ordered the at home test kit at 11 weeks and found out the baby's gender that same week! Sneak Peek is a DNA test that looks for a Y chromosome in the mother's blood. If there's a Y present, then the baby is a boy. If there is not, the baby is a girl. It's really quite fascinating! The girls loved watching me with terrified fascination as I did the finger prick and we sent the test back in the mail. Two days later, hubs and I got a babysitter and went on a date. While at dinner, we received an email. I was so excited I couldn't even read it, so hubs did. We were so thrilled with the result! The next day we had all out family over for a BBQ and we let the girls pop a balloon filled with powder and confetti. And here's what happened...


We couldn't be more excited to announce that we are expecting baby number 4 due to arrive just after Christmas! The girls are thrilled. This was their reaction when we told them the news.