Do you remember being a kid? When you think about it, do you remember the tv shows you watched, or the time you spent bored sitting around inside? Of course not! If you’re anything like me, your fondest memories from growing up where the ones spent outside. Whether it was in the backyard playing pirates on the swing set or grinding up mush from plants and mud to find a cure for cancer. Or maybe it was family camping trips when hiking turned into a hunt for gold!

We have been so excited to partner with, Kamik on their Outside Free Play campaign. The #FreeYourPlay movement is Kamik’s invitation to encourage parents to step outside the overcrowded repetition of their family’s daily routine and to rediscover an offline-no-agenda creative balance with their kids! It doesn’t take much to spark the imagination of our girls. Just get them outside with some rocks or sticks and you can see their imagination take flight! Their latest endeavor has been to build a fort in our woods out of sticks and logs. I foresee many tea parties, secret clubhouse meetings, and playing house in their future. And I love that their Kamik boots keep them warm and dry so they can enjoy playing even longer!


Disclosure: the boots have been provided by Kamik. But the review and excitement for playing outside has been provided by pure imagination and a love for the outdoors!

Lorena Canal

As the season has changed from sunny and colorful summer to chilly autumn, I like my decor to change too! Our living room spent it’s summer filled with a rainbow of flowers in vases all over and a bohemian pink rug. It was so fun! But not at all the look I like for the cooler weather and colors of Autumn and Winter. I started my search for a neutral rug. But I knew with three kiddos, this was a risky move. Enter Lorena Canal Rugs! I found this Bereber Rhombs rug and knew right away it was perfect! This machine-washable cotton rug features a natural-cotton beige base with a black yarn diamond-and-herringbone pattern and fringe on the ends. I was concerned about the light color, but the rug is completely washable! Now I don’t have to be a grumpy mom constantly yelling at the girls to keep their feet and toys off the rug. We can actually live in and enjoy our living room the way we intended. Plus, it’s GORGEOUS!



It has only been three years since I was last pregnant, but I feel like there are so many new baby product out there! One of my new must haves is the Dockatot. We recieved a Dockatot Deluxe and Grand to try out and we are big fans! A Dockatot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger.

Edith has been in a big girl bed for a while. And while the transition wasn't difficult, she was falling out of bed at night. Ever since trying the Dockatot Grand, she sleep all cozy and adorable all night long! She just loves her "leaf bed". And she is super excited for the new baby to match her with her "tiny leaf bed". I predict so many side by side naps. I love that it is tested for breathability so I won't need to worry. And the new baby will be sleeping just an arms reach away. Yay!