Native Wilds Nest

Edith is our third little girl in three years. She is surely set in the clothes department (although I have sneaked in a few sweet outfits here and there). So when it comes to baby products, there aren't too many things we needed this time around. However, as an "experienced mom", I now feel like I know the things I actually will need vs. the things that are unnecessary. The things that make having lots of littles easier vs. the things that spend more time in storage under our bed than in use (aka our giant plastic baby bath tub). I'm going to be sharing this "wisdom" with you as I find these products.

I love products with multiple uses. Products that are beautiful as well as practical. So when I came across the Native Wilds Nest, I was intrigued! I exclusively nursed my first two daughters and plan to do the same with Edith. I love breastfeeding! The snuggles, the comfort, the unique bond between Mama and Baby. It's heaven! Feeding a squirmy baby in public? Not so heavenly. Feeding a squirmy baby in public with your two and three year olds running around causing a ruckus... it's torture! I used to have a few of those nursing capes with the gaping neck. I nursed my babies in fear that a squishy little arm would grasp the flimsy fabric and pull it down or aside and expose me. The Nest is a multi-functional nursing cover, infinity scarf, car seat canopy and shopping cart cover. Because it wraps all the way around, I love the peace of mind that comes from nursing Edie under the nest. According the website, the nests are hyper-allergenic, temperature regulating, breathable, lightweight, silky soft, and have a high UV protection factor. Edith is constantly grasping the fabric. I think she is soothed by the way it feels in her hands.

We seriously use the nest daily. Whether it be for nursing while on the go, to protect our little babe from the germs of curious strangers, from the snow, and cold of winter, or as a cozy soft swaddle for a little nap. It seems like a little thing, but we LOVE it! It goes with us everywhere!

Freshly Picked

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I have been keeping a sweet little secret. Two of the cutest little things joined our family last week. I could literally burst from excitement! Not only did we buy our first house (eeeek!) but the girls were the first to receive a package there. They got the best gift from Freshly Picked Moccasins!

Let me start from the beginning. To be honest, my baby shoe collection began before I was even married haha. The idea of little people wearing tiny shoes tickled my fancy and I splurged on a few itty bitty items to store away for that blessed day. Much to my dismay, cute shoes don't always mean well-made, good-fitting, or comfortable shoes for babies. I have been a big admirer of Freshly Picked Moccasins since I first saw them on a blog (not sure which one) back in 2012 after I had my first daughter. But, I wasn't sure I believed the creative genius behind Freshly Picked Moccasins, Susan Peterson, that the shoes were not only adorable, but specially designed to be comfortable and most importantly STAY PUT!

Well friends, I am very excited to share my review with you of Freshly Picked Moccasins! I had the most difficult time choosing a pair for the girls. Did Vivi want Neon Pink to deepen her obsession with all things pink? Should I get a classic Weathered Brown for Lulu to match any outfit? In my head, I could hear Vivi requesting they be "twinsies in shiny polkiedots" in Heirloom Mocs. Or perhaps Glacier representing all things Frozen that are still watched and sung in our house? In the end, I chose the ever adorable Coral for Lulu. It's a sweet shade of pink. Not too bright. But not too subtle either. A fun accessory to go with every outfit! Vivi is little miss personality, so I needed a bright color to represent her vivacious love of life! Golden Rod is was!

Vivi and Lulu couldn't love them more. Vivi was thrilled to open her "present" and Lulu was enamored by Vivi's reaction. I love that Freshly Picked provided us with the moccasins you see below in order to facilitate my review. They are crafted with love and the softest leather you have ever felt! I can attest to the fact that these shoes will fit any baby! I have daughters that are polar opposite in personality, looks, and apparently feet. Vivi has skinny feet that slip out of many shoes. Lulu has chubby little feet that makes shoes difficult to put on. Freshly Picked Moccasins stay on both their feet! Vivi is my active two year old. Running, climbing and dancing are her forte. And these shoes have put up with it all. Lulu is my sweet 13 month old. She just learned to crawl two weeks ago, but the day we received the moccasins to review, Lulu decided she'd like to give walking a try! Honestly, these moccasins are the PERFECT shoe for the transition to walking. I'd like to believe she felt so pretty in her cute little Coral Mocs that she had a confidence boost to give walking a try.... and she hasn't stopped since!

So, now that you've read my lengthy review of the cutest, best baby shoe, what's in it for you? One lucky reader has the chance to win their very own pair of Freshly Picked Moccasins (any size, and any color)!

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