It has only been three years since I was last pregnant, but I feel like there are so many new baby product out there! One of my new must haves is the Dockatot. We recieved a Dockatot Deluxe and Grand to try out and we are big fans! A Dockatot is a multi-functional lounger, co-sleeper, and playtime lounger.

Edith has been in a big girl bed for a while. And while the transition wasn't difficult, she was falling out of bed at night. Ever since trying the Dockatot Grand, she sleep all cozy and adorable all night long! She just loves her "leaf bed". And she is super excited for the new baby to match her with her "tiny leaf bed". I predict so many side by side naps. I love that it is tested for breathability so I won't need to worry. And the new baby will be sleeping just an arms reach away. Yay!