Is any one else sick of the cold? Of the kiddos having colds? I know we are all ready for the sunshine and warmth and health of spring! Goodness knows, in Minnesota, spring is still ages away. Especially after these back to back snowstorms we are currently experiencing.


In addition to back to back snow storms, we have battled back to back colds all winter. Now that we have a kid in elementary school, she brings home ALL THE GERMS! I love you Vivi, but don't touch me until you wash your hands haha. With all the cold germs, come scratchy and sore throats. I don't feel comfortable giving the girls cough drops because they are so young. So when we heard of Lolleez organic throat soothing pops, we had to try them! And lets just say, we are hooked! The girls feel like they are getting a treat, because, hello it's a sucker! But I feel good because they are made of USDA certified organic like natural fruit pectin and organic honey. They are gluten free, dairy free and nut free. And they come in three delicious flavors: watermelon, strawberry, and orange mango. So the girls feel better asap! Vivi actually said she can't wait to get sick again so she can have a "cough sucker"!


- Lollez organic throat soothing pops were gifted to me for  review,

but all thoughts and opinions are my own -