Orboot Globe

I have traveled the world a bit. And it only has given me more wanderlust. As a Spanish major in college (which, unfortunately, I rarely use now), I always knew I wanted to the girls to have a broad worldview. So when the opportunity arose for them to attend a German Immersion school, we accepted wholeheartedly. Because it's not about learning a specific language, but learning about cultures throughout the world!

Vivi is obsessed with learning about other countries. Maybe it's from watching the Olympics. Maybe it's from her school. Either way, you better believe I'm going to encourage her love of learning.

Enter the Orboot Globe by Play Shifu... or what the girls call, "the Globe Game". Basically, the girls use an app to access the globe which in turn teaches them about animals, monuments, inventions, cultures, and maps of various regions. It's amazing! I have even found myself playing around on it long after they have gone to bed. It's simply fascinating! My hope is that this will encourage life long learning, but also foster a love for other people all around the world!

You can find the globe here.


The Orboot Globe was gifted to us, but all thoughts and opinions are our own. It really is a wonderful learning tool!