cold rainy day

On cold rainy days like this, there are few things I enjoy more than snuggling up with Bluejay, hot cocoa, a fire, and a cozy blanket. Especially when the rain turns to snow. SNOW?!?! Isn't it the middle of october? Why is it snowing already? Adding to this confusion today, was my trip to Target to run errands. I stumbled upon the beginnings of the Christmas department? Don't get me wrong. I LIVE for the Christmas season. I love it. It's simply wonderful! But, it's too early still. (Well, that's a double standard. Don't tell anyone, but I listen to Christmas music while I'm working out... it keeps me happy and motivated. But I'm a weirdo... not a superstore selling Christmas at the wrong season!) Anywho... all this to say that it is strangely beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Bluejay is going to have to restrict my Target trips in order to keep me from buying Christmas items (don't tell him that there is a whole row brimming with Christmas decorations at the Good Will). So I called my mom (who lives in Ca) to tell her about the snow and the christmas goodness and she was hanging out by the pool in the sun! What?!? I live in the wrong state. It got me California Dreamin' on such a winter's day (what can I say- I love oldies like the Mammas and the Pappas... and I'm a cheese ball). I love the beach and the sun and the salty sea breeze. Yeah, I'd trade my cocoa and fire-side snuggles for a little of that... at least today. But only because I'm mad at Mn for snowing in Oct. If I had a snowless Christmas, I would be depressed. But a sunny warm fall wouldn't be half bad.

Since I am a visual person, I CANNOT stand blogs without pics (no offense... It's how the Lord made me!) Here are a few pics from our trip to Cali this summer that embody everything I think of when I am California Dreamin'.