(embarrassing photos continued) Willy Wonka & Oompa Loompa

I know that you stayed up late into the night to catch a glimpse of our halloween costumes before you hit the hay- so thank you! I'm not sure how successful our costumes were. The problem being that once we got to the party, Bluejay went off with the boys and me with the ladies. Without our counterparts, Bluejay looked like a creeper. I looked like an electrified prison inmate. But what can you do? Also, free Chipotle burrito was a bust. I should have know better than to blog about it- I let the cat out of the bag and there were a gazillion tin foil clad people in line. It was 32 degrees. I didn't need a free burrito that bad. The empty Wendy's across the parking lot beckoned us over with their Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger picture on the window.  As with most with fast food, the allure of the advertising made the actual food somewhat of a let down, but at least the hungry rumbles in the tum-tum subsided. All in all, a fun night. Pumpkin carving (we made chips and salsa... not really a normal pumpkin carving, but once we started it took on a form of it's own), apple bobbing, cocoa and cider, and a bonfire. Perfect Halloween party. Goodnight blog world. I have to wash my hair 5.3 times now to remove all that gel. Enjoy these pics. Catch ya on the flip side!