Grandma, Mommy, Me- maybe it's genetic?

I always hated that we lived so far from my Grandma Ruth. She is so cute. The older I get, them more I wish that I could spend hours just talking to her. I want to hear her stories. My sister and I melted last summer when she told us about the war and the boys who lived down the street. I love to hear about how she met my Grandpa. He was a disc jokey for the radio and was the weather girl who called in each day with the weather. He fell in love with her voice! How romantic. It's like the stuff of movies! She is just old enough to have experienced a lot of the "big" things in our recent history, but young enough to be absolutely adorable! I love her. One of the things that seems to be a "genetic" trait among us women from my moms side, is that we tend to channel Lucile Ball. We're kinda dingy and silly sometimes. It's funny- unless you're married to us. Bluejay sometimes gets overwhelm by us girls when we're all together. Something about too much laughing? I didn't know that was possible. Oh well! I caught myself doing something this morning that reminded me so much of my Grandma... which reminded me of my mom... which means, if I do it too, it mush be genetic? What was it? I microwaved my coffee. Big deal, you say? Well, I worked at a coffee shop and vowed I would NEVER microwave coffee because we learned that in changed the "yumminess" of the coffee (I know... scientific, right?). Ok, ok... so I microwaved my coffee. Well, we used to tease Grandma because she would microwave her coffee, take a sip, get distracted with doing dishes or something, come back and realize her coffee was cold, microwave and repeat above steps. My mom was the same way. This morning, I found that I have microwaved my coffee at least 6 times and it's not even half empty. Case in point, I heated up my coffee as i sat down to write this blog, and i forgot to drink it, and it's cold. But in my defense, between microwaves, I made a yummy egg brunch, did all the dishes, made and apple crumb pie, and did the dishes again. Maybe I should switch to tea. When tea gets cold it simply become iced tea?

Fancy coffee and a current scone from Morecambe Bay, England (2006)