"Mindy Mouse" & more embarrassment...

Halloween circa 1986. I was "Mindy Mouse". My brother, Ryan, was dressed up as my dad complete with his 1980 Toyota Van and beard. Cute! I can't wait to have babies and dress them up cute. Well, I supposes I can wait for that. At least as couple more years- Lord willing.

Tonight, Bluejay and I are dressing up like Willy Wonka and an Oompa Loompa. I got stuck being a short chocolate obsessed munchkin. Not quite sure how that happened???? Seems a bit to close to home! I'm sure I'll take at least one embarrassing photo to post on here tomorrow. For now, I've got to dress head to toe in orange and gel my hair up in a cone. Ugh! But first things first... free Chipotle burrito if you wear tin foil like a burrito. Yum! Then off to a Campus Outreach Halloween party.

Little Bluejay circa 1986 as well. I don't think this is a costume, but he'll look pretty similar tonite as willy wonka with a vest and big white sunnies!

In the meantime, enjoy some super geeky photos from thru the years.

Who is that weirdo?

I wish I could say this was for Halloween, but sorry to say that I really am the girl in the back with the short curly hair... and I really did play rugby all thru High School.

This is me bringing back the classic as "Mindy Mouse" in 2006. This was the night I realized that maybe Bluejay wasn't as weird as I thought? I had lost my keys somewhere in the farm, and he was the only person who waited with me for HOURS while we looked for the keys and when we couldn't find them, he helped me call a locksmith. Maybe he wasn't such a goon?

Also, days before we officially started dating. Here were are dressed up as "burritos" for free chipotle burritos.

Months before I even thought of my Bluejay as anything more that a goofball little brother, we were dressed up for a theme bowling party. The theme? "Big like whoa!" (still not quite sure what tiny shorty shorts have to do with big like whoa, but this is one of those super funny pics from pre-dating... when he liked me and I had no clue!) Jeepers tan lines, Bluejay!

Sweet tart and Hot Tamale the clowns for halloween in 2007. Lets just say, before my parents moved to Ca, I had access to some sweet costumes!

Happy Halloween!!!