Autumn love

My husband, Bluejay, took me on a lovely autumn date last weekend. We've had an unusually cold fall here in the tundra and it's even snowed a few times! It was a lovely treat to go to the apple orchard. The fall colors were amazing... scarlet, burnt orange, goldenrod. The cold air nipped at my nose while I warmed my hands with the heat from my travel mug filled with french press coffee and honey. Absolute heaven. And what made it better was walking through the rows of apple trees hand in hand with my love. It was one of those dates where you forget the stress of the week and you float on a cloud.

Here are some photos from our autumn date:

Then Bluejay and I went to the town of Stillwater, Mn to walk around a bit. Bluejay must have got bitten my the photography bug because he took some photos of me. I guess it was pay back for all the times I've made him "pose" for me!