3 years ago...

3 years ago, Mindy Pitman went off the dating market for good. Three years ago today, after swing dancing for hours, Bluejay asked me if I would be his girlfriend. I was ecstatic! I had a major crush on him and was having SO much fun getting to know him. Little did I know how deeply I would come to love and respect him. He is my favorite.

I love you so much Bluejay!

Here are some pics from that night 3 years ago when we were swing dancing. The next night we went on our first date as boyfriend and girlfriend. We went Salsa dancing at Loring Pasta Bar in Minneapolis. This is where I realized weeks earlier that I had a crush on him. We look like babies in these pics!

Swing dancing- a couple hours before we started "dating".

Our first date and our first "couple pic"