Bluejay says I'm crafty...

Bluejay says I'm crafty... I know he means it as a compliment, but every time he says it, I think crafty = manipulative. Like I hear a little creepy voice in my head that says, "My, how craaaafty you are!". What can I say, I'm a bit of an oddball. Bluejay can attest to that. Just ask him about my insanely bizarre pet peeves. It's pretty much a mile long list containing anything from the toilet paper being the wrong direction, to refusing to drive on certain streets simply because I don't like them. But that's another blog post for another time. Growing up, each December morning, my siblings and I used to race to be the first get up so that we could pin the little ornament up on my mom's homemade advent calendar. It was so fun. I loved knowing exactly how many days until Christmas. Last year was our first christmas. We began many traditions. I loved when Bluejay blindfolded me and took me to his Aunt and Uncles Christmas tree farm (cool job, right?) and we cut down our first tree together. It was perfect. It began to snow at the exact moment we chose our tree. That's the stuff of cheesy Hallmark movies. I've never done that before. I'm kinda a city girl. Bluejay is neither city nor girl. He's pretty much a rugged, burly, tree chopping, hunting, fishing, live christmas tree kind of MAN. I love that about him. But one thing that was missing in our Christmas tradition was the advent calendar. So this year, I decided to make one. I loved my mom's homemade advent calendar so I figured I could do it too! I started as soon as the first snow fell... in OCTOBER! I mean, seriously? A bit early, at least it got me started. I didn't know how long this endeavor would take? It has taken me a month to make 24 hand sewn little birdies that will be pinned on the tree, one for each day until Christmas. I've finished the birdies. Not on to the next step... the tree and background. Hopefully I'll finish by December! I promise to keep you posted with loads of pics :) For now, here's some of my birdies. Each little guy is different. They each have their own personality (as previously discussed, I'm an oddball).

On a random note: Bluejay has many nicknames. For years he has been knows as Baja. Not quite sure why. Something about the baseball team in college and his initials??? In fact, I didn't know his real name until we were dating! Last night, he was out with his friend, Jack, and he gave Bluejay this hat. I think it's funny. I like it. Thanks Jack!

Ps- I'm shocked that our grass is still green!