Bluejay and I are on volunteer staff with a college ministry called Campus Outreach. We love it. We hope to go on staff full time soon. There are many staff couples with babies- all of them little girls. As I have mentioned, Bluejay has a soft spot for kiddos. Especially babies. Especially the little girl staff babies. He likes to coo and wink at them during church so that they smile and giggle. What a softy! He's gonna be the cutest daddy someday. Last Sunday after church, Jen (one of the staff wives) came up to me and asked if I "might could keep Callie" for her on tuesday. I was secretly hoping she really meant that I could KEEP Callie, cus Callie is adorable! But I had a sneaking suspicion that this phrase had a direct correlation to Jen's southern roots. In the south they say things like "y'all", and "might could", and apparently "keep" when referring to watching one's children. To my great disappointment, I did not get to "keep" Callie. But I did get to bring my camera and snap some photos. I even had a little Santa hat to make her festive. Jen and Charlie, your little girl is too cute for words! Thanks for letting me "keep" her today!