Eliot & Olivier

I LOVE my niece and nephew. They are the cutest kiddos I have ever seen. Maybe I'm biased? I doubt it. They are part of the reason I got into photography. Besides the fact that I have ALWAYS loved taking photos, I took these photos of my niece, Eliot, last fall and I just knew this would become more than a hobby.

Told you my niece is adorable! Well, I went out this week to take some pictures of the kids and my brother Ryan and his wife Bethany. We had lots of fun, but being childless myself (so thankful...for now) I totally forget how fast kids are once they are mobil and how much they want to be on the ground running around! Well, Olivier is like that for sure. I'm lucky I got any pictures of that little monkey! These kids really are some of my favorite subjects. Although, they will probably think that their Auntie Mindy has a camera attached to her right eye at all times. *Note to self: take pictures at Thanksgiving (obviously), but remember to put the camera away and enjoy the day with family! Can't wait to eat smoked turkey and the other goodies on thanksgiving with this family! Did I mention that Ryan & Bethany are AMAZING cooks? Yep, my mouth is already watering as I think about the thanksgiving delicacies awaiting me! Less than a week...hooray! Love you guys!

(see... FAST runner haha)