A few weeks ago, I look some portraits of a lovely little girl named Nataley. Her mother, Steph, and I have been friends since High School. I did a session for Nataley this summer and Steph wanted to get some more photos with the autumn colors. There were a couple big differences that occurred in Nataley's life between the photo shoots... she turned one and learned to walk!!! This made the shoot really fun and ACTIVE! Let me tell you, you give a toddler a balloon and be prepared for some fast paced fun. She was so sweet as she tried to keep up with the balloon that she herself was pulling. Super cute. Nataley's dad, Dan, purchased the cute balloon special for Nataley's photo shoot. The balloon was tired to either her hand or her pants the whole time until the last ten mins. when her little hand let go of the balloon and we all watched it float up, up, and away! Surprisingly, there were no tears. What a good little girl. Here are some of the adorable pictures.

This last one is my favorite! Headed off down the path armed with her pink polkadot balloon.