New Holiday Background

I am a proud participant in the Black Friday spree! It has been tradition with the girls in my family for years. I think it all began when I was in seventh grade and we found out the JCPenny was giving away a Mickey Mouse snow globe ornament to the first 500 customers. Who would want to miss out on a Mickey Mouse snow globe ornament? Needless to say, my mom, sister and I were waiting in line at 5am. While we aren't crazy enough to get up THAT early, we did discover that IKEA had free bacon, egg and potato breakfast with coffee on Black Friday. Now, we sleep in a bit (a blessing after all that turkey) and take our time and set a leisurely pace arriving at IKEA at 9:30 and then off to the Mall of America. As a Minnesotan, I often get "ooo's and awe's" about living in the same place as Mall of America. I hate to burst your bubble, but it's not that big of a deal. I avoid it because of the stressful crowds, and the overwhelming amount of stores. I go once a year... on Black Friday. I know! I'm not the brightest bulb on the tree. That's like the craziest day. Oh well. I forgot my camera this year. I took some iphone pics of my sister and I and our free breakfast and the free see's candy we got (yum!) but it was nothing blog worthy.

After a day of stressful shopping (which was semi successful in that I was able to cross 2 people off my list), we came home and watched Miracle on 34th Street and had cocoa. Yesterday we began decorating for Christmas. I'm a bit holiday obsessed and EVERYthing must be decorated. Hence the new holiday blog background. Bluejay calls me his little Elf at Christmas time. I think it's a jab at my height and my affinity to the season. I call him a grinch. We're a perfect match. The decorating isn't quite done. In fact, everything's about half done. I think I'll get more finished when Bluejay goes back to work tomorrow (tear). And of course, there will be pics! Also, stay tuned for the giveaway that will occur on Dec. 1! Make sure to comment on that day! Here's a pic of me & my Bluejay!