Thanksgiving. A time to remember all the reasons we are thankful for the past year. But that shouldn't be a one time a year thing. We should be thankful every day! Today Bluejay and I spent the day at my brothers house in Minneapolis with my sister, sister-in-law and niece and nephew. These are pictures from our day of fun. There are many photos because I know that my parents and aunt and uncle and cousin and grandma in Sunnyvale, Ca will enjoy them! It's hard to be away from family on the holidays. It makes it all the more exciting when they get to visit!

Olivier and Aunt stacey

Bluejay loves Eliot and Olivier! They were in his lap ALL DAY!

Haha, Olivier wasn't so sure about this hug from mommy! 

My brother Ryan and our yummy turkey!

Our feast! That pumpkin was roasted and then filled with a sage and onion cheese dip. It was FABULOUS! Bluejay might have eaten half of it!

Family photo. Oops! Forgot to change the depth of field on the camera.

Daddy and daughter watching football.

Playing the Wii- and proof that I was really there.

Gotta love a baby in only a diaper and socks! I wanna squish that belly!

Silly Olivier!

My contribution: glühwien- hot spiced german wine.

Yuumy pumpkin & butternut squash pie and glühwien. Cheers!

Talking to Grandma and Grandpa, Aunt Teri, Uncle Al and Julie, and Grandma Ruth on Skype.

Goof ball

Silly boy kept turning the volume up really load and would then get really scared and hide behind the chair! Silly boy!

Not the best pic, but at least proof that I was there. I love my nephew! We had such a good time and ate such wonderful food. I really love my family and I am so thankful for them. Happy thanksgiving!

P.S. Since you made it to the end of this post, I'll let you in on a little secret. On Dec. 1 I will run a giveaway in which I will choose a commenter at random to win. So make sure you comment on Dec. 1! Stay tuned!