The Vassar Family

I have know Erin since before she was a Vassar. I knew her when she was Erin Christianson. Her sister is my same age and we were in youth group together. When I was in college, I was on staff with the Jr. High group at Grace Church in Eden Prairie. Erin was on staff too. So was Steph (you may remember me doing a session for Steph's daughter Nataley). Anyways, we were having the time of our lives hanging out and doing ministry with Jr. High girls. After a year or so, I left Mn and went to a bible school in Spain and England with Torchbearers International. When I returned home, I discovered that Erin and Steph had fallen in love with brothers! They married these brothers. After a couple years they had daughters with in months from each other. How fun is that? I always wanted to live close to my cousins. Mine live in California and Montana. Not exactly "let's hang out" distance. Erin loved the photos I did of her niece, Nataley, and emailed me about taking some candid photos of their family and their daughter, Alyce.

Alyce was so sweet. He big blue eyes just blew me away! She LOVED the autumn leaves and thought it was so funny when her daddy would pick up a pile and let them fall. It makes for cute photos when Daddy's are funny. It was really fun shooting these pictures on such a gloriously, sunny November afternoon. I think we can pretty much count on one hand how many of these days we have left!

Told you it was super cute when daddy's drop leaves and are funny!