Victoria & Isabella

Ever since meeting Bluejay, I have wanted boys. We even have their names picked out for someday. Cute little boys with dirty cheeks from playing in the mud. Little boys who will collect bugs and then accidentally leave the lid off so all the bugs escape in the house. Little boys who will need their mommy to kiss their owies when they play a little too rough. Basically, I keep picturing little Bluejays flying around. A bunch of them. A baseball teams worth of little Bluejays! But yesterday may have changed my mind. Yesterday, I met Victoria and Isabella and my heart melted. From the first moment I saw Victoria's blonde hair and blue eyes and Isabella's curls and long lashes, I knew we'd have to sneak an imaginary girl in with all those boys I picture in our future. We started off the photo session playing in the back yard. We threw rocks in the pond and giggled. Little girl giggles are so sweet! Then they changed into pretty dresses and grandmas hats and mommy's shoes and played dress up. Because there are SO many cute pictures of these sweeties, I have to make TWO blog posts. Today I will put up pictures of us playing in the backyard, and you will have to stay tuned for the dress up pictures!

Seriously, Isabella! How is it fair that you have eyes with lashes like that? Beautiful! Stay tuned for more pictures in the next few days.