Have a Holly, Johnson Christmas

Today I dragged poor Bluejay out into the frozen tundra winter weather to take our Christmas photos. I've been talking for months about how much I was excited for the first big snow so that we could take "wintery" pictures. Bluejay was less than enthused. In fact, I had to bribe him to get all bundled up and out in snow. So while he is playing video games (that was his bribe), I was able to edit the photos and write this blog. A fair trade, if I do say so myself. I'm pretty pleased with the way they turned out. It's always difficult to take photos on a tripod with a self timer. Especially because, as a photographer, I can see in my mind how I want the image to look and it is extra hard to get that image just right when I am running back and forth trying to beat the 10 second timer! But we had fun.

We took these photos for fun, but also for our Christmas newsletter (The Johnson Journal). I would LOVE to send a copy to whoever would like one! If you want to receive a copy, email me your address at: hopefeathers {at} me {dot} com. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

(also- winter wonderland enagement session to come!)