love in the post

My sister, Stacey, is not only gorgeous (if you remember this post), but she's super artistic and talented! After months of listening to me BEG her to start and shop, she finally caved. She was a bridesmaid in a wedding a couple weeks back and for their wedding gift, she painted a watercolor of one of their engagement photos and framed it for them. It was AMAZING! I knew she had a gift. She is an art and graphic design major at the U. I'm so proud of her. She also does fantastic things with acrylic and charcoal. Don't believe me? Check out her shop: loveinthepost.

Someday, we might do some sort of partnership business. Me, offering engagement/wedding photography, and Stacey, offering wedding invitation design and custom artwork. We'll call it hopepost? lovefeathers? hopeinthepost? lovefeatherspost? Ok... it's a work in progress!

In weekend news, we had an ugly christmas sweater/white elephant gift christmas party with friends. In my white elephant gift I received chocolate, half eaten pack of cough drops, tazo tea and a shot glass from Costa Rica. Random. Bluejay got a picture frame and some white tiger figurines. Really fun night! Also, we went to a Christmas fair of sorts on a fun St. Paul street called Grand Ave. We saw reindeer, had a pancake breakfast with Santa, drank coca samples, ate free christmas cookies, heard carolers dressed in vintage outfits, and FROZE in the 9 deg weather! Jack frost not only nipped at my nose, he almost bit it off! But it was a blast!

I also got inquiries about three more wedding! Two of them I would get to travel to! One in northern Mn, and one outside Denver! Hurray for 2010 shaping up to be a great wedding season! Know anyone getting hitched? Send 'em my way :) How was your weekend?