Macy's 8th floor

Each year at Christmas time, Macy's in downtown Minneapolis decorates the entire 8th floor of their store with a story. Think "it's a small world" of Christmas story. This year, the theme was  "A Day in the Life of an Elf." Through a series of whimsical, vivid vignettes, the animated display tells the story of Santa's elves at the North Pole as they prepare for Christmas. As we walked through, we saw the daily life of an elf, from waking up and getting Santa's mail to teaching the reindeer how to fly. This is always a highlight of the Holiday season for me and my family. This year was better than the others. Not because of the "theme", which was a repeat from last year (lame!). But rather because my niece, Eliot, and my nephew, Olivier, are now at the age where they REALLY enjoyed each little scene. It was so wonderful to see their excitement and joy over every little detail. So cute!

When Eliot saw this mannequin, she said, "that one looks like daddy!" I have to admit, he really does look like my brother Ryan!

The men in my family! All so cute :)

This mannequin looked like Bluejay. And yes... I'm VERY proud!

These next photos make me melt. Bluejay LOVES kids. Especially Eliot and Olivier. After spending Christmas and the day after together, Bluejay nearly has me convinced that we should start a family. Ok, ok... calm down... I said NEARLY! But he was so stinking adorable playing with Olivier. Bluejay makes Olivier giggle like I've never heard before. Bluejay throws Eliot higher than I've ever seen a kid "fly". He is definitely that crazy fun uncle that makes you laugh so hard that you can't breathe! I love to dream about his strong arms someday holding our babies and hearing their sweet giggles. *Sigh... Someday, Lord willing!

On thing I've noticed this Christmas, is that since I am a professional photographer now, I have been unofficially declared the families photographer. Which means that I don't exist IN many photos... simply behind the camera. I'll have to figure out a way to remedy that!