iheartfaces - "best faces" challenge

While enjoying my coffee this morning, I stumbled upon what I can only describe as a little treasure of a blog called:

This is photographer's dream. Each week there is a photographer's challenge in which you can submit photos from your recent archives to be judged by uber wonderful and famous photographers! (and yes I did say uber... I'm from Minnesota, and thus am allowed to use such phraseology!) The theme this week is "Best Face Photo" and the photo has to have been taken in either Dec. or Jan. After perusing my recent archives, it came down to a photo of sweet little Callie in her Santa Hat, or (at the risk of sounding "egocentric") the photo of Bluejay and me that we took for our Christmas Cards. I ended up choosing the later of the two. As adorable as Callie is, I think that Bluejay is making the funniest face in this photo. It was hard enough to figure out using a tripod to capture both of us, I couldn't help but giggle when I saw the reaction on his face when I threw a snowball at him. 

He already looks like Charlie Brown because of his hat, but every time I see this picture, I hear the depressing Charlie Brown Christmas theme song too! Gotta love it!