Bluejay and I started reading Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis last week. I've read it before for a class in college, but I think I did the whole "my eyes are moving across the page but not comprehending anything" type of reading. So I'm basically reading it for the first time (again!). It's so good. I love anything C.S. Lewis. I love that he's British. Ever since attending a bible school called Capernwray in England, I have a familiar association between british accents and learning about the Word of God. It makes me happy. To me, it's something that just belongs together... like tea and crumpets, bangers and mash, or fish and chips. British accents are so creamy and smooth- like butter or even better, melted chocolate! So while reading Mere Christianity, I hear his voice (well, what I imagine his voice to sound like) and I get lost in the spelling of words like practise, theatre, and experiense. I love that he uses holiday for vacation and jovial for happy. All this distraction to say that I have spend a good part of today cozied up by the fire, with a mug of English Breakfast (to match the imaginary british accent in my mind) reading Mere Christianity. I love reading. Especially when I can sit by the fire with tea and the high outside is a single digit! But I still love reading in general. By favorite genre is British Literature or WWII autobiographies. Maybe I was meant to be British? I've collected quite the library fee by taking out more WWII autobiographies than I could handle in the allotted time. In fact, when my card reached the limit in fines, I started using Bluejay's. His now has fines too. I think there's probably a warrant out for my arrest by some angry librarian. Anywho, I've been collecting hard cover British Lit books for years. I love hard cover books. They smell better than paperbacks. I came across these photos that Bluejay took of me this fall. Pictures of me and some of my Brit Lit collection. I thought I'd share them with you today:

Hope you enjoyed that blast from the past! Ok, ok... that blast from three months ago! Now i'm off to pay my library fines... as soon as I decide to bundle up and face the frozen tundra! On second thought, maybe I'll put on another pot of tea and keep reading. The library's not going anywhere!