Adina is a very near and dear friend to me. So when she wrote me just before Christmas asking me if I would be available to take her brother's senior photos over break, I couldn't have been more excited. For one reason, I love any excuse for a photo session- especially with the new lenses Bluejay surprised me with on Christmas! And for another, I've never met her family before! They were in town from Vancouver for Adina's college graduation (congrats friend!) so I finally got to meet them after all these years of hearing stories! So fun. Apparently in Canada they don't take senior photos?!?! The photos they use in the yearbook are pictures of the grads in their caps and gowns! We might have a funny tradition of taking "model" type photos, but I SURE prefer that to a cap and gown picture! When Adina asked what Taylor should wear for the session, I said, "Anything that says 'Taylor'!" And I got it! A flannel and a toque (canadian for beanie). Taylor was really fun to shoot. He was up for anything. I had Bluejay come along to help me with my "man poses". I'm so used to shooting gorgeous girls and couples- it was a refreshing change to shoot a handsome hockey goalie!