silent film for mexico!

Jose Villa is one of the Nations best wedding/event photographers. He's AWESOME! His blog is definitely in my RSS feed. He is hosting a give-a-way on his blog this week. What is it? Only the most FABULOUS give-a-way ever! A scholarship to a photography workshop in Mexico! According to Jose Villa, "The scholarship will cover a 4 day wedding photography workshop in Ahualulco De Mercado, Mexico at Hacienda El Carman built 350 years ago. We’ve got you covered on a round trip airfare to Mexico. All 5 days will be covered at the Hacienda El Carmen, all meals, and we’ll even throw in a spa treatment." All I had to do was create a 12 second video to enter. Jose will choose his favorite 3 videos and then put it to a vote. My mind was racing with ideas. As it turns out, 12 seconds really isn't that much time! So yesterday, Bluejay and I went out with my camera and created a series of photos that I would format to black and white with red accents and load them into iMovie to create this time-lapse film. I used 103 images! It was really fun and I hope I win! I'll let you know if I need your votes! You can see other 12 sec video submissions here. Wish me luck!