Amazing Race

Sarah & Marcy are two dear friends of mine. They are potentially about to embark on something fabulous! They are applying for the Amazing Race. I think that they would be so fun to watch, and I'm not even biased! Ok, maybe I am. But how fun would it be to see your friends on primetime TV competing against other pairs as they race around the world? They are an odd couple: tall and short, blond and brunette, one born in Kenya, and one born a twin. But these friends are also a perfect pair: both competitive, adventurous and ambitious. Both LOVE Jesus Christ. Both are gorgeous and single (yes... that's right! You want their numbers? haha). For their applications for the Amazing Race, they needed a 8x10 pic. We went out this morning and braved the windchill for some portraits. The tough part is that they can only choose one to send in! I'm glad I don't have to make the decision, because they are all so cute!
I think this last one is my favorite. But then I got back and look at the others and I can't decide! You girls are GORGEOUS!