Baby John

Lindsey and Colby are on staff with Campus Outreach (the college ministry of Bethlehem Baptist Church) at Bethel's campus. When I was in grad school at Bethel, Lindsey and I were really close. I remember quite vividly crying on her couch a few springs ago when Bluejay and I broke up for a bit. Now, obviously, it worked out between Bluejay and myself. And I would have to say that things have worked out quite well for Lindsey too. Just over two years ago she announced to a small group of Bethel students and myself that she and Colby were having a baby! I was so happy for them that I cried. I'm kinda emotional I guess. Little Ellie Jane was born the same week that Bluejay and I got married. Fast forward a year and a half and Baby John has arrived as well! If anyone can handle having a toddler and a newborn, it's Lindsey. She's like a master homemaker and mom. It's really inspiring. The month before John was born, she made and froze enough dinners to last their family a whole month! Who has time for that when they are 8 months pregnant! Like I said, supermom!

Baby John was so sweet. We had originally talked about doing photos when he was only a couple weeks old, but life got busy. So we finally did the photos this week. Even though he is only 6 weeks old, he's already in 3-6 months clothes! He's a big boy! After spending an hour smelling his sweet baby skin and hearing his tiny squeaky cry and focusing on all his little details I knew it was going to be trouble. Cute babies always give me a little itch to have a baby bird of our own *Sigh* Someday...someday. For now, I will simply relish every newborn session I can get! Baby John, you are too cute for words!

Aw!!! tiny baby yawn!
Ellie Jane was very concerned when Baby John cried. But we put his pacifier in for a bit and that made it all better.