I recently was asked by a bride to do a boudoir session for her so that she could make an album of the sexy images for her soon to be husband. I'd never done a boudoir session before, but I can't turn down a chance to take photos! The session was even MORE fun than I anticipated! My bride had her two best friends over to "calm her nerves". One friends is a hair stylist who made my bride GORGEOUS! We had a glass of pink champagne and talked about boys and giggled like we were having a sleepover. Very girly... very fun! The reason I enjoyed the session so much is because there are so many women who don't like their bodies or wish they looked a certain way- less freckles, skinnier, blue eyes not brown, long hair not short, perfect straight teeth, longer legs, higher cheek bones... the list is endless! It takes confidence to book a boudoir session, but I loved the way that my bride gained more and more confidence as the session went on. She became comfortable in her own skin. I showed her a couple images I'd taken throughout the session and she was floored. She never knew she could look so good and so sexy! I loved that I was able to use my gift as a photographer to make her feel like the gorgeous woman she was created to be. She remarked at the end that she felt to beautiful and free!

A boudoir session isn't for everyone. But, I now feel free to offer it to clients who desire one. Email me for more information and pricing (hopefeathers [at] me [dot] com). Because boudoir photos are of an intimate nature, please click the following photo ONLY IF you want to see other images from the session. (Note: images are probably not appropriate if you are visiting my blog from the office or are around children.)