Bri and Devin

      Bri and I went to Capernwray Bible School in Spain and England in 2004. We were fast friends. We traveled to Barcelona together for the weekend and formed the memories and inside jokes that can only come from traveling. Upon returning to the States, Bri went to Colorado and me to Minnesota. Facebook kept us in touch (by stalking) every now and then, but the years went by and we talked less and less. She was hard to keep track of as she was moving all around the world telling people about Jesus. I looked through her Facebook photos (as any good stalker would haha) and I saw albums from Morocco, the Sahara, and Thailand. Upon closer inspection to her Thailand album, I realized that she had fallen in love! Cue Devin.

       Upon arriving in Colorado, we learned the story of how they met and fell in love. Neither Bri nor Devin were looking to be "complicated" with a romance. They had met during a leadership training and hit it off great. It might have stayed a great friendship if those around them hadn't intervened and encouraged their love story. When they accompanied others leaders in Thailand for an international conference, there was no turning back. Their love was in full bloom. From shooting star gazing, to jungle zip lines, to late night conversations about their desires and passions, they were in it deep! Devin had captured Bri's heart with his fun-loving goofiness. Bri had Devin spinning with her sweet generosity. They both LOVE Jesus. They both LOVE people. They are now planning on moving to Marseilles, France for a year to learn French and then they will move on to Northern Africa to run a business with Kingdom purposes.

       Bri and Devin- your wedding was amazing! We had a blast! We will be praying for you as you begin your marriage and your next big move! You were both a joy to work with and we loved every minute of our time in Boulder! XOXOX!

Bri's twin sisters and the Father of the Bride getting excited before the ceremony!

I not only get the most BEAUTIFUL brides... but apparently also the most talented! After hearing some cheering coming from the bridal room before the ceremony, I went in and found the bridesmaids tossing grapes in the air for Bri to catch! I don't think she even missed one grape! Such talent!
Taking a couple sneeky photos before the wedding. DON'T PEEK!

The toasts were hilarious! Bluejay and I remarked after leaving the wedding about how much we wanted to hang out with Bri and Devin because they sounded like so much fun based on the toasts. Too bad they live in Colorado!

First Dance and Father/Daughter dance... both were so emotional!

Parents of the Bride right after the Father/Daughter dance.

The tiered cupcake stand was lovely, but my favorite part was the backside of the cake toppers! Bri's getting a little frisky :)

These cupcakes were seriously good!

It began snowing when we were shooting outside. Bri and Devin were oblivious! They were newlyweds in their own little world!

Wedding Ceremony/Reception Location: The Chateaux at Fox Meadows