Sunday Afternoon

Bluejay and I had a lovely sunday afternoon. This morning, Bluejay spoke in the sunday school class for the College Students at our church. I was SO nervous for him! He wasn't at all. I think I was nervous enough for the both of us. We took a personality test this week that told me that I "feel" the emotions of those around me. I'm basically an emotional sponge. I soak up all the feelings and become so saturated that I feel them myself. Hence the nerves. This afternoon, I forced Bluejay in the backyard to commemorate his first "talk" in photos. I was so proud. I'll be an annoying mama someday. But at least I'll have a million photo memories! In order to "get back at me", Bluejay took photos of me too. Wanna see? Hope your sunday afternoon is going well. We're enjoying some Caribou Coffee by the fire and flirting and holding hands and making everyone around us nauseous. It's a perfect sunday afternoon!