Abraham & Lindsey

That May afternoon was perfect. Lindsey was beautiful. Abraham was handsome. The sky was blue. The birds were singing. It was their perfect wedding day! 

She loves him! You can see it in her eyes!

I love the detail of their initials that Lindsey put on the bottom of her shoes!

We ran into a fun brightly colored hot dog stand near the lake. I thought it would be a cute photo-op. Bluejay asked the vender if the Bride & Groom could get some shots with a hot dog and the cute stand. He was more than willing. But I doubt anyone was as excited as Abe was when I told him to take a bite!

Abe and Lindsey, it was so fun to be apart of your BIG DAY! I have loved the adventure from getting reacquainted to engagement photos to your wedding day. It has been a blast! Now hurry up and have a baby so we can do more photos! Love ya!