*caution: post contains ooey, gooey love & romance*

Happy 25th birthday to my Bluejay love!!! 

I have a very TOP SECRET surprise planned for this evening. I hope KNOW Bluejay will love it! I've had it planned for months. Anyways, I can't say how much I love and cherish my Bluejay in just one post, but in honor of him turning 25, here are 25 (out of a million bazillion) things that I love about you, my Bluejay:

1. You have some sort of mental block that occurs when we pull into the garage. It's almost a guarantee that you will turn the car off without putting it in park. It makes me giggle.

2. I love when you sing in the shower... and loud. But you never know the words to any songs. So you make them up. So cute. (His latest shower song is by the beach boys "wouldn't it be nice". This is because his first thought when he gets under the steaming water is, "Aw! This feels so nice!" That last word prompts him to sing the only song he knows that has "nice" in the lyrics. It's super cute! It sounds like this: "wouldn't it be nice... duh duh bum duh da. And we doo dah doodle dum de doo.")

3. You make up the goofiest nicknames for EVERYTHING!

4. You open the fridge about 18 times a day, just to look inside.

5. If you have ever seen an old musical you have laugh everytime they break out into song and dance. I always thought it seemed so unnatural (albeit totally fun as old musicals are among my favorite movie genres) … that is until I married Bluejay. You break out in song and dance more than anyone I’ve ever met!

6. You are a garbage disposal. You will finish anyones food no matter what it is. I swear you never get full.

7. When we watch chick flicks (or any movie that has even the tiniest bit of romance) you smile the whole time that something cute or romantic is going on… or if they kiss. It melts my heart.

8. You add an 's' to verbs to make them plural unnecessarily. For example, “I misses you" and "I loves you”.

9. You let me call you "Mr. Bitches" when you're my second shooter for weddings... haha.

10. I love that our children will someday look up to and honor you because of the ways you show me you love me.

11. I love that before we go to sleep at night, you reach over and grab my hand. It's like we're holding hand as we walk off into dreamland. 

12. I love that you challenge me and help me love Jesus more because of our every interaction. 

13. I love your dimples! I love your dimples! I love your dimples! I love your DIMPLES!

14. You make me laugh more than anyone else. Whether laughing with you or at you, it's grand :)

15. You look better than anyone I've ever seen in baseball pants! I think it's that cutie bootie!

16. You are such a great people person and you have no fear ever of meeting anyone new. You make people feel comfortable. This has been so fun to watch you change and grow in as we have been raising support. You are DEFINITELY an extrovert!

17. When you put your mind to something, you get it done! If you want it, you get it. 

18. When you wink at me from across the room, I still get butterflies and I'm instantly at ease in any situation. 

19. You order for me at restaurants and always choose something that I love! 

20. It's not often that you find someone that you have this much fun with. I can't believe we get to hang out for the rest of our lives!!!

21. You are always in my head. You say the things I'm thinking. You know what I'm thinking before I say it. It's bizarre. 

22. You buy me coffee. I love coffee. It's like my love drug :)

23. You are my biggest photography fan. You put up with my silly photo shoots and even model for me every now and again. 

24. You tell me daily (sometimes hourly) that you love me, that I'm the cutest wifey ever, that I'm adorable, and that I'm your favorite. I love the hugs that accompany these declarations. I also love seeing the truth in your eyes about how much you believe what you are saying. 

25. You love Jesus more than me!

There are about a million bazillion other things that I love about my husband. I can't wait to find out more random things that I love about my Bluejay the more years we spend together! When we were in California, Bluejay bought a fedora hat. It seemed like the Californian thing to do. Plus he looks so stinkin' cute in it! The way that he was wearing it made him look like a 1940's newspaper reporter! So I made him do a silly photo shoot for me. I wanted to remember him in his fun hat. I even found some fake glasses and a pencil for behind his ear to complete the look. Here's to the cute birthday boy!

Bluejay found some daisies and picked me a bouquet. I love him!

Silly pics- Bluejay can only stand being my model for a few mins. Once he's had enough, I get photos like these haha: