Jodie & Rod

I had the pleasure of assisting Jeff Stone on a wedding last weekend. Because the wedding was a few hours outside of the cities, we made a weekend out of it and brought our families. It was really fun to stay in a hotel and have a "weekend away" with Bluejay, even if I was working. Jodie and Rod got married at Cragun's Resort in Brainerd, Mn which totally reminded me of the resort from the movie "Dirty Dancing". One of their favorite things to do together is to go fishing! In fact, according to the slide show they had at the reception, they are both fantastic fishermen! So, what better theme to have for the weekend than "catch of my life!" Jodie and Rod are such a fun couple and by the end of the day they really felt like friends more than clients. They were such troupers when it began to thunderstorm during their OUTDOOR wedding and didn't mind the 30 minute delay at all. They say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day...
Congratulation Jodie and Rod!

Even the cute little flower girl had her hair done.
Jodie had secretly planned to surprise her guests by playing the violin with the band and their reception. She hadn't playing since high school but had been practicing for a couple months. 

Cutest Father/Bride photo ever! Her dad was such a ham!

The flower girl spotting some rain and we moved inside for the family photos. Luckily for Jodie and Rod, the rain stopped just long enough to have their outdoor ceremony and then STORMED the rest of the evening!

Check out those crazy storm clouds!

I got to try one of Jeff's 17-40mm lens for a bit and on my full frame camera it totally gave these portraits of the ring bearer blowing bubbles a funky look that I kinda like.

Such a funny cake topper for their fishing theme.

Even though it stormed outside, the party was a blast with a live band.

These two cuties wanted to dance together just like Jodie and Rod. So adorable!