Rubi Mae- Sneak Peek

Bluejay and I have known Dave and Kasi for years. We both got married the same summer. We were in each others weddings. So, when they told us that they were expecting a little one this July, we were overjoyed for them! In fact, on the 4th of July we had some couples over for a BBQ and Kasi's water broke! Rubi Mae was born on July 6th, so she was six days old today when we went over to photograph her. It might be totally weird to say, but she was so sweet and adorable and had that lovely new baby smell, that she made my uterus feel lonely :( Maybe someday I'll have my own sweet little girl. And by someday, I mean I think I'm still determined to wait a bit longer... I think. Introducing a sneak peek of Rubi Mae!!!
Proud parents and grandparents of Rubi Mae.
Look at that hair!!! More pictures to come...