Bennett & Clare- Ducklings session

These little ducklings are so cute! So cute in fact, that I am proud to feature their session as my 100th blog post! Bennett is a super active 2 and 1/2 year old who didn't ever seem to stop moving. He loves trucks, throwing rocks into the pond, and playing in puddles with his fireman rain boots. He cracked me up with how much he loved getting down and dirty in the mud and puddles- a typical boys boy. His 1 year old sister, Clare, on the other hand, is a sweet as little girls come. She looked like a perfect little doll with her BIG blue eyes and her one little curl on the top of her head. She loves picking flowers, eating cheerios, bubbles, standing up (with help) and pointing. Enjoy these cute little ducklings...

Mom found this toad the night before the session and hid it in a bucket in the garage over night. I think that Bennett LOVED his new little friend. Too bad he hopped away after only 2 photos.

Bennett was looking up in the sky to find lightening after we hear thunder.