Jessica & Keith- Turtledoves

Why do I call my wedding photography Turtledove sessions? There’s a strong symbolic link between Turtle Doves and lovers. Because mated pairs stay together over many years, and possibly for life, the birds have long been associated with love and faithfulness

Meet Jessica and Keith. I had the privilege of photographing this Turtledove couple at their Friday afternoon wedding last week. It was a lovely day for an outdoor wedding. Once again the skies threatened to rain, but held off just long enough for the celebration. They say it's good luck to have rain on your wedding day! The ceremony was in Longfellow Gardens at Minnehaha Park that was so gorgeously arranged with the most lovely and colorful summer perennial flowers! 
While walking past some flowers on our way to take Bride and Groom photos, I said, "Oooo a butterfly!" and whipped out my camera. We all had a good laugh at my knee jerk reaction. 

Cutest little Ring Bearer!

Their cute little dog, Eloise, was the flower girl.