Lake City, Mn- part II

More photos from our time in Lake City, Mn.
We spent lots of time at the lake beach.
We played sand volleyball each day.

Bluejay played a lot of "bags". And just like Scotland, there is rumored to be a lake monster called Pepie.

Remember the staff kids I told you about in the last post? How adorable are these little girls?!?! And how cute is it that they are all around the same age and are best friends! Love it!
Little Callie. Remember her from this post? She's getting so big, so fast!

This is Evelyn. She has the biggest most adorable blue eyes! I got so many hugs and snuggles from her his week. Gotta love that!

This is Annie. She has so much energy and is always moving or laughing. She cracks me up every time she runs because like Phoebe runs in this episode of FRIENDS. So funny!

This is Maddox. She is so sweet. She spend most of the week asking what everyone's name is and did a surprisingly great job and remembering! She also has amazingly "wise eyes" for being only two years old! She'll be such a great big sister come November!

I found this fabulous rusty bike when walking around the town! I so wanted to take it home and give it some tender love and care! You know me and vintage bikes/cars!

One night be went on a paddle boat cruise at sunset. It was fun to be out on the lake and play cards on the deck of the boat.

Our CO Minneapolis team. 

Jack and Steve wanted a photo... They make me laugh! Especially the next one.

The Stromwalls: our buddies and "roomies" for the week.

Emilie and Lydia.

Bluejay was cold and didn't bring a sweatshirt to Lake City, so I let him borrow my big comfy one, haha. He's so cute in pink. Plus it's his favorite color! I love the sunset in the sunglasses!

Austin used binoculars to watch the sunset.

Gotta love a full moon rising over a lake!