Bri & Alex- {turtledoves}

Bri & Alex have known each other since elementary school. In fact, Alex had a crush on Bri right away in grade school. He got butterflies when he saw her on the playground. Her smile made his eyes lit up. He drew hearts around her picture in the yearbook. When his little buddies found out about Alex's crush they teased him so much that he ended up changing those hearts around Bri's picture to bombs and rockets and fire. Little did they know that 15 years later they would be saying "I do" in an adorable outdoor picnic style wedding. My favorite moment was when Bri and her dad drove up to the ceremony in the vintage aqua Chevrolet truck that they had worked on restoring together. I am such a fan of classic cars!

Waiting for the First Look

Father and daughter driving up to the ceremony aisle.

Bri's dog, Willa, was the ring bearer.

It was an emotional ceremony.

Celebrating with a cigar.

This little cutie got bored and started playing in the dirt during the reception. She was so adorable!

Father/Daughter Dance

Mother/Son Dance

Singing Karaoke!