Danielle & Johnny {turtle doves}

Danielle and Johnny had a sweet wedding amongst family and friends from all around the world. It was the perfect summer day that complimented the colorful wedding party so sweetly. The bridesmaids were like a happy little pack of skittles- so cute and colorful! It was a blast to spend the day with these two turtle doves. I am so excited about these photos and the picturesque sunset the capped a perfect wedding day! Congrats to Dannielle and Johnny!

Danielle's parents had the very first look at her as a Bride! It was such a sweet moment!

The anticipation of the FIRST LOOK! I love when couples choose to see each other before the ceremony. It allows for more natural emotions to show and an intimate time for them to make a memory of their wedding day! Plus, from a photographers stand point, it gives me WAY more time for photos!

Then Johnny saw her and I got this little beauty of a first kiss on their wedding day!

On our way to the ceremony, Danielle wanted to stop for ice cream! It was so funny to see the looks and hear the comments people made when Danielle walked into McDonald's in her wedding dress! But I must say, you gotta love a bride who does what she wants! Especially if that includes buying me an ice cream cone too!

They were so cute the way that they held each other's eyes as they walked down the aisle to each other!

The reception was just as colorful as the wedding party!

We popped back outside for some really fun sunset photos!

A groommans favorite job!

First Dance!