Danni & Nick {turtledoves}, Part I

Last September, a dear friend of mine got married. It was a perfectly fantastic ceremony and reception. I would expect nothing less from Danni, who is an incredibly talented graphic designer and also has the most adorable blog and etsy site. I feel so blessed to be able to call her friend and to have been a guest at her wedding. Congratulations Danni and Nick. We love you both! 

You may be wondering why it has take me several months to post these pictures. Well, after sending a disk of images to Danni, she mentioned that we should try to get them published on a wedding blog. So patiently I waited though I desperately wanted to share her wedding with you all! This morning, I woke up to find my images on (Danni's blog) as well as I couldn't be more thrilled! This is the first time my images have been published anywhere other than my own blog and some brochures at Church. I couldn't be more excited to have my work featured on one of my favorite design blogs that I have been following for years! 
Check the posts out by clicking on the above photos or click here and here to find out more information about the venders and details and also to leave some love! I will be posting parts II and III in the next few days with photos of the ceremony and the invitations. So get ready for some loveliness to come! 

The details were SPLENDID! Everywhere I looked was vintage eye candy! Before the ceremony, there was a picnic style reception. We all lounged on quilts and opened our picnic basket to share with new friends. Lace streamers floated on a warm breeze as they hung from tree branches. Glass jars and vases filled with wild flowers were scattered throughout. And little mementos, such as Nick's old drivers license and mini personalized wedding buttons, played peek-a-boo amongst other vintage treasures. It was an early autumn wedding dream that took place at sunset! Here are some of the details that made me swoon!