Ever since posting this post a couple months back, I have received a lot of feedback about the cleanse. Some negative, some positive and MANY who are curious about the results. So I have been remise in sharing our experience. Upon beginning the cleanse, Bluejay and I were nervous and unsure about how we would feel. Would we be hungry all the time? Would we be cranky? What will be the effect of the laxative tea? Will it be worth it? Within days I noticed that I was sleeping better, waking easier and had more energy. It seemed like an oxymoron that I would feel fresher and more alert when drinking "spicy lemonade" than when eating like normal. Bluejay and I both experienced a "fasting high" which seemed to be a result of an almost a euphoric sense of accomplishment. By the morning of day 5, we were already feeling clean and fresh and our cravings for coffee and sugar and junk food were gone so we decided that we didn't need to continue with the cleanse especially because we didn't want to harm our bodies or cause any more hormonal imbalance which can be the case with this cleanse sometimes. Bluejay and I teetered back and forth on whether or not we would cut the cleanse short to just 5 days or keep going to 10. Since we mostly wanted to cleanse and not do it as a diet or a way to lose weight, we felt that 5 days would be fine. In my research about the master cleanse, I read so many pro's and con's about it using the cleanse to lose weight, that we felt it was better to be safe than sorry. I can't say that I recommend the cleanse to everyone. But I won't go as far as to take a big negative stance on it either. It seemed to be helpful for the time, but it's never going to be a permanent fix or a quick fix. Some people swear by the cleanse and do it a couple times a year. I won't be one of these people. Some people use it as a diet which I DO NOT RECOMMEND! You only end up gaining the weight back if you don't develop healthy eating habits. Would I do it again? I'm still on the fence about this one and haven't made up my mind. Maybe. Maybe not. Ha ha, sorry for the indecision!

I do know this: 
Bluejay and I have always made an effort to eat healthy, so naturally I was concerned and confused when I was gaining weight. One we discovered that my Thyroid problem was causing the weight gain I was excited to have a "cause" that was simple to fix with a pill. It will be a long road to losing weight, but we are continuing to "cleanse" but naturally by cutting out as much sugar, caffeine, dairy and red meat as possible and by eating mostly raw fruits/veggies and fish and chicken. It's kinda boring but we are determined to get healthy, not just lose weight. Also, we have been working out at the gym 6 days a week for an hour and a half each day! So crazy! But I'm beginning to see results and I feel great! Thanks to all for the support I received these past couple months :)

Because I hate "naked" blog posts, here is a pic from our date night last night! Bluejay took me to a cheesy little restaurant here in Redlands, Ca. It was really fun to put a flower in my hair, wear a dress, and spend some time alone with my love.