Funny Faces

Today we spent the day in a dream! We drove down Route 66 for a classic/vintage car rendezvous! As far as you could see, there was car after car after BEAUTIFUL car! I'm may love all things vintage, but when it comes to classic cars, I think I'm obsessed. Wherever I am, if I see an old car, I slightly hyperventilate from excitement. Even Bluejay has started pointing out fun cars when we see them on the road.

One of my favorite things about classic cars are their faces! They are all so fun and unique and seem to have their own personality. Here's a sample of my favorite car faces from the day. Of course there will more car photos to come. In the mean time, we're watching the Pixar movie Cars to go along with the fun car theme!
This car has my favorite expression! It's like he's giving you a smile and a wink! Plus, there were less than 5000 of his kind ever made! He's a rare cutie :)