Redlands, Ca

As I've mentioned, my parents now reside in Redlands, Ca. I like to think of it as the PERFECT place to come visit! It's pretty much an hour from the mountains, from the beach, AND from Disneyland! What more can you ask for? Oh, and did I mention that it's an adorable city with a small town feel that is full of history, fantastic architecture, palm trees, orange groves, mountain views, vintage cars and the cutest fresh fruit stands in front of houses that boast their own private orchards! Enjoy some photos from around town the past few days...

I'd love to pick up my mail here!

The Public Library built by the Smiley Brothers.

The Redlands Bowl where they do live concerts and plays. 

Every thursday night this street is lined with white twinkle lights and tents for the farmers market!

The street is not only lined in quaint shops, but old clocks too!

These adorable murals are all over the town.

Of course I have already found my favorite coffee shops!

Sunrise coffee date with my mom... she is so cute!

The old train station.

How would you like to see this EVERY DAY!?!?