Autumn in Minnesota

Minnesota in the Fall is so lovely. The trees are a flame with red and orange leaves, the air is cool and crisp, the sun is warm, the apples are ripe, and there are pumpkins a plenty! Bluejay and I have spent every evening this week snuggling under a blanket with a steaming mug of tea while either reading or watching a movie. We had a night away with our couple small group from church up at a cabin on a lake this week. It was beautiful! Plus there is nothing quite like snuggling with wood fire in the fireplace and chatting with close friends! It was also super fun because one of the couples brought their six month old daughter, Evelyn. Bluejay and I both LOVE babies, but it was too cute to watch him hold her. He was like the "baby whisperer" because he would cuddle her and rub her little back and she would stay completely still, as if she was afraid he would stop if she moved. It totally melted my heart. Our big "fight" now has consisted of me saying I want sons, and Bluejay wanting daughters. Cute! But honestly, I'd cherish whatever gender God gives us... down the road. Everything about these photos makes me want to have another visit to the apple orchard, to have a bonfire with friends and roast marshmallows, to walk hand in hand with my love, and to marvel in God's creation!