Sarah & Torry {turtledoves}

Sarah and Torry had a beautiful November wedding. It was a frigid day, but we braved the weather and took most photos outside. It was so cold, in fact, that there was a blizzard the next day with almost a foot of snow! So they got married just in time. Congrats Sarah and Torry! I'm so glad I got to be apart of your day and I hope you are enjoying your thus far snow filled marriage. 
I love when couples choose to do a first look before the ceremony. It's so sweet and intimate and the emotions can be more genuine than when they walk down the aisle. Plus, this time of the year it's almost a necessity to do photos before the ceremony because it gets dark around 4:30!

My shot on the left. What Bluejay saw on the right. Reason #562 that I love to shoot weddings together!

We found a cute little cafe called Edelwiess Bakery where we got some cocoa to warm up while we waited for the bridal party to join us. The employees were so sweet and surprised to see a bride and groom in their bakery that they gave Sarah and Torry a free treat. The couple even gave me a bite so I can officially say the bakery makes great desserts.

I told Bluejay we should go back to that bakery on a date sometime!

Cold Bridesmaids between shots.

This made me so nervous! I got a pit in my stomach thinking about an injured groom walking down the aisle, but the groomsmen insisted that they could handle Torry.