Spenser & Michelle {sparrows}

Spenser and Michelle are two of cutest people I know! I hate hearing story after story of couple not liking the photos from their wedding. It breaks my heart!  When Michelle contacted me and told me that she didn't love their wedding photos and always wanted a "re-do", I was excited. But I didn't know exactly how lucky I was. Not only did I walk away with fabulous photos, but some adorable new friends as well! I liked them from the moment that Michelle told me that their favorite date is a Redbox movie and Mickey D's ice cream. I liked them from the moment she told me about the time that Spenser surprised her with her favorite banana split from Dairy Queen that he mysteriously pulled from their freezer. I liked them from the moment Spenser joked about Michelle falling in love with him the day he threw snow in her face on the way to class in college. I just like them! Spenser and Michelle, congrats on getting married (even if it was over two years ago!) Thanks for being troupers in the FREEZING weather we had. Hope you enjoy these photos and they grace the walls of your apartment with pride!

Pretend feeding the ducks haha.

Spenser and Michelle are both big baseball fans, so of course we had to take some shots with baseball gear.

We also took some photos in "regular" clothes and used a blanket to warm up.

Bluejay teased me because I said, "Pretend that your team just scored a home-run." I guess you just say got a home-run, or simply just scored. Guess I'm not a big sports fan haha.