While editing the wedding from last weekend, I came across these two jewels! Bluejay and I love shooting together. Can't you tell by my quirky face? If there was ever a contest for most dorky couple, we would win HANDS DOWN! With all the dumb nicknames and silly flirting it's pretty much no contest. Especially when we have our tea/GLEE parties: I make a pot of tea and we watch GLEE... exactly how it sounds! I figured I'd share this image with you because I'm not ashamed of our dorkiness; I even embrace it! And because it's been a busy couple weeks of moving in to our new place and I got the urge to blog while sitting in our new living room with a mug of coffee and NO BOXES IN SIGHT! Whew! That was quite the accomplishment. Pics of our place to come after this busy weekend with four photo sessions!
PS- It snowed last weekend! Bring on the blog posts about snuggles, snow, steaming coffee and CHRISTMAS!!!
(This is Bluejay a couple weekends ago when he helped out at a friends family Christmas tree farm! It was super dark out but I managed to sneak a pic with my iPhone of him and his lumberjack flannel carrying a Christmas tree on his shoulder! I love my man!)